Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness Program Webinar

Thursday, July 14

9:00 am - 10:00 am

WJCS, Nonprofit Westchester and Nonprofit New York friend Rich Leimsider was shocked and delighted to have all his federal student loans forgiven just last month under a special program waiver for public sector workers (Read his story here).

But the program ends in October 2022, so borrowers need to get informed and act fast. Rich will join us to share his experiences and outline the specific next steps for staff who may be able to do the same.

Who should attend: All nonprofit and government staff who think they may have any federal student loans, whether they’ve been working 1 or 20 years in public service. CEOs, Executive Directors, HR Directors, and HR Staff.

Cost: This webinar is FREE for all.

Review: the PSLF Help Tool here in advance of the webinar.

Registration is REQUIRED; register here!