Martial Arts Movie Mayhem Double Feature: Sun Wukong – Film Discussion via ZOOM (Registration)

Saturday, November 14

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

He is the Great Sage Heaven’s Equal; the immortal Monkey King – he is Sun Wukong.  Known the world over, the character of Sun Wukong has inspired countless adaptations and spin-offs of the epic Chinese Classical Novel Journey to the West. Join us for a two-part film series and discussion of a pair of these modern adaptations.

Watch the films (both available on Hoopla or may be borrowed as DVDs via the Westchester Library System) beforehand at your leisure, then join us for a discussion of the films, other adaptations of Journey to the West, and Martial Arts movies in general.

Links for the original story of Journey to the West here:
Journey to the West full narrative
Journey to the West synopsis

This month’s feature: Immortal Demon Slayer (original title Sun Wukong)

Born from the remains of a great stone giant, the immortal monkey Sun Wukong defies the Heavenly order and fights to forge his own destiny.

2017 – 2 hours 3 min – Not rated (violence)

Hoopla link here

E-mail for the Zoom Discussion meeting link