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Friday, February 5

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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February 5The Life and Work of Frank Hurley

2008 ‧ Documentary ‧ 46m ‧ Unrated

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“Frank Hurley’s pictures bring an ill-fated Antarctic voyage back to life – absolutely first-rate photojournalism by a cameraman who had no reasonable expectation of survival.” -Time Magazine “Photography within the Antarctic Circle is a challenge. Among the attractions are the huts built by the earliest explorers, legends such as Robert Bryd and Ernest Shackleton.” -From “Unexpected Antarctica,” Smithsonian Magazine “In black and white and Paget, an early color process, Hurley chronicled the (Shackleton) expedition’s small story before its epic disasters.” -National Geogaphic “Recommended. The swell of interest in the Shakleton expeditions to Antarctica has been fueled in part by the evocative and incredible images made by the expedition’s photographer, Frank Hurley; however, Hurley’s name has remained somewhat in the background. Hurley’s achievements went well beyond documenting Shakleton’s dramatic expedition, and even though he is best known for that work today, he was a respected photographer, artist, and filmmaker in his lifetime. Using only Hurley’s own footage and stills, this program offers a biographical look at Hurley’s life through his work, bringing new attention to a worthy subject. The footage is often beautiful and captivating, and the narration is well done.” -EMRO Review Narrated by Leo McKern (Rumpole of the Bailey), this is a compelling biography of pioneer cameraman, war photographer, explorer, film director, writer, lecturer and broadcaster, Frank Hurley, one of the world’s finest still photographers. From outback Australia to the deserts of the Middle East to Antarctica this program shows his extraordinary skills and achievements. Featured are compelling images from historic pioneering expeditions, including Sir Ernest Shackleton’s legendary Antarctic Expedition aborad the Endurance. Also seen is Hurley’s footage of his expedition to New Guinea, his coverage of WW I and WW II, and an excerpt from his foray into feature films with The Jungle Woman in 1926.