Code of Conduct

The Dobbs Ferry Public Library Board of Trustees has adopted a policy with respect to patron conduct to ensure the comfort and security of patrons and library staff, and to protect and preserve the physical collection, library equipment, library building and grounds. Patrons are expected to act in a manner that is respectful of other patrons and library staff.

As of the beginning of the THIRD GRADE school year, children may use the library unattended, as long as they are respectful, quiet, and following the Library rules and regulations. No child under the age of TEN is permitted on the terrace without adult supervision. While in the Library, parents and caregivers are responsible for monitoring and regulating the behavior of their children. Adult patrons who are not engaged in library activities that require materials from the Children's Room shall be asked to relocate of other areas of the Library.

Library staff are not responsible for the safety or well-being of children on Library property. Children currently attending SECOND GRADE or younger must be supervised by a parent or adult. Children of any age may not be left at the library for "child care or babysitting" purposes.

The library is not responsible for personal belongings.

The following activities are not allowed in the library or on its premises:
1.Consumption of food or drink (excluding bottled water), except in the Meeting Room during scheduled activities.
2. Possession of any alcoholic beverage or controlled substance.
3. Smoking, sleeping, loitering and/or soliciting.
4. Cellular phone use (except in front lobby).
5. Use of restrooms for other than their intended purposes.
6. Pets other than "guide" or "service" animals.
7. Entering without proper attire, including shoes and shirt.
8. Illegal, disorderly, disruptive and/or hazardous behavior.
9. Any action that damages library property.
10. Harassment and/or profanity directed toward library users or staff.
11. Disregard of rules and regulations available in electronic or print form posted in the library governing the use of materials, computers and equipment.
12. The taking of photographs, movies or videos in the Library without permission is prohibited. Persons wanting to take pictures or videos must ask for permission from the Library Director or person in charge, before proceeding.

Any patron who violates these rules and regulations may be required to leave the library premises and be denied the privilege of access to the library by the Library Director. A patron whose privileges have been denied may request, in writing, to have the decision reviewed by the Board of Trustees.

Approved: Dobbs Ferry Library Board of Trustees: 7/24/03, rev. 7/26/07 ,rev. 1/3/12

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