The New Dobbs Ferry Public Library Display Case

Located next to our 3-D printer (across from the Circulation Desk).

Current Exhibition:


In honor of the October 12th presentation by David Allen Sibley

 “What It’s Like To Be A Bird”

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Long time Golden’s Bridge resident and Dobbs Ferry Public Library employee Edward (Ned) Canora presents a collection of North American Birds.

I have been an avid birder since the age of 8, when I was introduced to the subject by my mother and my brother. My mother was always in love with the Eastern Bluebird (the state bird of New York). My brother built about 100 nest boxes for a Bluebird trail and put two of them in our yard. We were able to successfully raise at least one brood of Bluebirds every year for 48 years while living in Lake Katonah, NY.

          This is just a part of my collection of ceramic birds. There are 49 birds here from the Danbury Mint’s “Audubon” ornament series. And the Large Snowy Owl is the 2017 Audubon Bird-of-the–Year (as well as the library mascot).

Although the Owl is the only Raptor represented in this collection, raptors are by far my favorite birds.


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