Pride Month Resource List

"Dobbs Pride" written out on individual squares of colored paper to resemble the pride and trans pride flags, hanging over the new books section on the first floor of the library.

Times may be tough, but there’s no stopping the celebration of the spectrum of
human experience in June. We are here to commemorate the generations lost to years
of persecution and to epidemics like the AIDS crisis, as well as show love to today’s
LGBTQIA+ people of all ages, genders, sexualities, and orientations. This year, the
Dobbs Ferry Public Schools have teamed up to mark an intersectional Pride Month by
creating a resource list in partnership with the Dobbs Ferry Public Library. Springhurst
librarian Lauren Rodriguez, Middle/High School media specialist Ellen Elsen, and K-8
literacy coordinator Michelle Yang-Kaczmarek have teamed up with Dobbs Ferry Public
Library children’s librarian Gina Elbert and teen librarian Allee Manning to create this
resource list to help you dive deeper into queer literature for kindergarten through 12th
grade. This is a sampling of available resources and not an exhaustive list. If you
would like help finding more, please contact your librarian(s).

Click here for our Pride Month Resource List!